No Bath, No Worries

No Bath, No Worries

If you don't have a bath, don't worry you can still enjoy our Salty Bath Soaks as a body scrub in the shower.

By using our Salty Bath Salts as a scrub you can still get the benefits of Magnesium from the Epsom Salt which relieves aching muscles, while the Australian Sea Salt & Himalayan Pink Salt cleanses and smoothes the skin and the coconut oil leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

The blend of salts we use are ultra-fine which means you can use any of our Salty Bath Soaks as a scrub, however if you have a sensitivity to fragrances, use our Original Soak as this is fragrance-free.

For an intense scrub apply to dry skin or for a more gentle scrub use on damp skin (the water helps to dissolve the salt meaning that you can't over scrub your skin). To get the maximum benefits, leave on the skin for 5 minutes before rinsing off.

Your skin will be left soft, hydrated while your muscles will be relaxed and revived.

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