5 Uses for Coconut Oil

5 Uses for Coconut Oil

We are big fans of coconut oil (which is why we use it in our Salty Bath Soaks), not only does it have amazing skin & health benefits, it is also the ultimate multi tasker.

While there are hundreds of uses for coconut oil, here are 5 of our favourite:

Quick Hair Treatment

So you've heard before how great coconut oil is as a deep conditioning & strengthening treatment for hair, but we don't always have time for that. If you have dry hair & find that shampoo dries out the ends of your hair & leaves it tangled even after conditioning, just coat the ends of your hair with coconut oil before you wash. The coconut oil will create a barrier against the shampoo, stopping it from drying out your hair but still allowing your scalp to be cleansed.

Fake Tan Remover

Got a stubborn fake tan on that your are trying to remove? No problems, coconut oil has got you! Just slather your entire body with coconut oil & then have a long soak in the bath for at least 15 minutes. The coconut oil & the water will help soften the dead skin so you can easily scrub off the fake tan with some exfoliating gloves and castile soap.

Shaving Oil

Skip the fancy shaving oils & smelly shaving foams and use coconut oil instead. Not only is it a cheap option, it always gives you a close shave and will leave your skin silky smooth & hydrated.

Make-up Remover

We wear a lot of waterproof mascara which can be a pain to remove normally but not with coconut oil, this magic oil dissolves make-up quick & easily. Just scoop some up with your fingers, & use gentle circular motions to melt off the make-up. Remove with a warm face cloth & then use your facial cleanser to remove any excess dirt & oil.

Body Moisturiser

Ok so you probably already know about this one but do you want to know our secret? Apply it to damp skin to help it absorb better and avoid feeling greasy. We love it as a body moisturiser as not only does it leave you smelling like a giant coconut, it leaves a gorgeous sheen on the skin leaving it looking glowy & feeling nourished.


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