Does A Bath Burn Calories?

Does A Bath Burn Calories?

Now we always knew there was a reason we loved baths, not only are they relaxing, great for the skin & soothe sore muscles; it now turns out they also burn calories!

Recently, researchers from Loughborough University conducted a study to see if raising a person’s core temperature could lead to the burning of calories.

The study looked at 14 men who took part in two tests: the first was to cycle for an hour. The second was to kick back and soak for an hour in a 40’C bath.

Both of the tests were designed to raise the core body temperature by one degree, which allowed the researchers to study how many calories were being burned in each session.

And while we are not surprised that cycling burnt more calories, what was surprising was that the hot bath burnt as many calories (around 140 calories) as a half-hour walk.

So while we aren't suggesting that a bath should replace exercise, it is another great excuse to have a long soak in the bath.

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