DIY Coconut Detox Face Mask Recipe

DIY Coconut Detox Face Mask Recipe

This detoxifying face mask is great for combination to oily skins as well as acne-prone skin to help cleanse, exfoliate and heal breakouts.
It contains Bentonite Clay which has amazing cleansing and detoxifying properties which will help draw out and absorb impurities. In fact, Bentonite Clay does such a great job of this you will find it's the main ingredient in those expensive store bought masks but you can get an entire tub for under $20 which will last you forever.

We won't go on about the benefits of Coconut Oil as you should know that by now however, we have added in Manka Honey which has natural antibacterial properties, soothes inflamed skin & sloughs away dead skin cells. If you are vegan you can skip this step and you can also substitute with ordinary raw honey but the benefits won't be as great.


  • Mix all of the ingredients together in a non-metal bowl
  • Apply to clean, dry skin
  • Leave on for skin for 10-15 minutes (why not have a bath while you wait)
  • Rinse & remove with warm water (try using a damp facecloth to remove it & give extra exfoliation)

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