Kukui Nut Oil Benefits

Kukui Nut Oil Benefits

If you ever used or seen our Tropical Glow Body Oil you may have seen a funny sounding oil on the ingredients list, Kukui Oil and wondered what it was and what it did.

What or what is a Kukui?

The Kukui (Aleurites moluccana) tree is the state tree of Hawaii and for centuries every part of the kukui tree was used by the ancient Hawaiians. One of it is many uses was as a source of light by burning the kukui nut oil which is why it's also known as the candlenut tree.

Kukui Nut Oil Skincare Benefits

The kukui oil, which is obtained from the kukui nut has been used by Hawaiians for years as way to keep hair and skin protected and healed from the sun and saltwater.

Some Kukui Oil skincare benefits are:

  • Easily absorbed by the skin leaving it feeling soft, silky and hydrated
  • Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 essential fatty acid Linolenic Acid which is essential for healthy, glowing skin
  • Source of vitamins A, C, and E to help protect the skin from free radicals and environmental damage
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Studies have found kukui oil helpful with wound healing, streatch marks, itchy skin, psoriasis and eczema

    So there you go, with all those skincare and haircare benefits no wonder we had to use it in our Tropical Glow Body Oil

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