Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self

Having a long luxurious bath is the ultimate indulgence, right? When I had a bath - before we moved into our purchased home with a bathroom renovation on the cards - I would spend at least one evening a week soaking for an hour or so, and I had creating a relaxing and beautiful bathroom environment done to a fine art. Here’s my tips for a spa-like pamper at home! 

Set the scene

Okay, so now is the time to treat yourself and bring out the prettiest, fluffiest and softest towels that you own and create the entire experience, from start to finish!


Scent is an amazing human sense, and one that can bring on relaxation simply by itself. I adore burning candles in scents like coconut, frangipani, black tea and even a simple vanilla to help me zone out the entire world for that short space of time while I’m soaking. If candles aren’t really your thing, try an oil burner in your desired fragrance. *Try using a scent that reminds you a holiday or happy experience, it’s the quickest way to bring a smile to your face!

Hair and face mask

For perfect hair AND skin, I recommend using the heat from the bath to give an ultra-intensive hair treatment and steam experience. Try applying a thin layer of a detoxing face mask before jumping in –remembering to cleanse first – and personally, I recommend the SIMPLE as that - Matcha Mask, for the high levels of antioxidants within and its skin healing benefits. For dreamy hair, Hello Hair Hydrating Mask has always given me fantastic results thanks to the 100% natural oils within, which includes almond, argan, olive and castor oil.


Chillaxing in a lush bath is the perfect time to catch up on some style inspiration, and I cannot go past the following two books for #ultimatestylegoals. Love X Life X Style by Garance Dore and It by Alexa Chung are my top picks but really, even a trashy celeb magazine doesn’t go astray to forget the world for an hour or so!

I hope this gives you an idea on how to create your own relaxing and beautiful spa-like experience at home this weekend, and be sure to come say hi at sometime!

emily XO

Enhance your at home spa experience

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