Why You Should Bath Everyday

Why You Should Bath Everyday

Ok so everyone may not be as obsessed with having baths are we are, so here are our top reasons on why you should have a bath using our Salty Bath Soaks every day.

Your skin will glow

Taking a bath in warm water opens up the pores & the mixture of salts will cleanse the skin & detoxify while the coconut oil will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth & hydrated.

You will smell amazing

Our Salty Bath Soak's come in 5 tropical-inspired scented which not only makes your bath smell like a tropical paradise, the scent will fill your entire home & linger on your skin long after the tub has drained. You will emerge from you bath smelling so fresh & so clean & you can skin the perfume. Bonus!

You’ll get a great night's sleep

Swap a shower for a warm Salty Bath Soak before bed. Epsom salt contains magnesium which when dissolved in warm water, is absorbed through the skin to help give a feeling of calm & relaxation helping you hit the hay quicker. For more tip & tricks read our blog post

You will be relaxed

Having a bath is a great way to shut yourself off from the stress of the outside world for a short while. The warm water will help your mind & body to relax while you switch off your brain & decompress while the Epsom salt promotes the production of serotonin and reducing the effects of adrenaline.

Your sore muscles will be soothed

Having a warm bath using a Salty Bath Soak will relax your muscles after a long day or exercise & the mix of salts will help to relieve muscle tension, pain, inflammation & tired, sore feet.

You get to lay down

Not going to lie, one of our favourite things about baths is that you get to lay down which is amazing if you are tired, lazy or maybe even a touch hungover. 

It's fun!

The best thing about baths is that you can take them whichever way you like. Our favourite way to have a long soak is to throw on a face mask, light a candle & read a book. For more ideas check out our post here.

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